Top 9 Profitable Sidewalk Business Ideas!

Top 9 Profitable Sidewalk Business Ideas!

Profitable Sidewalk Business Ideas

Profitable businesses on footpaths are clothing business, selling mobile accessories, food business, tea and coffee business, selling children’s toys, selling cosmetics products etc. If you want to do sidewalk business, I salute your mindset. Many of us think that doing business on the sidewalk is a bad thing and look down on it.

But in fact no business is small, rather those who criticize these businesses are small minded. You can first start a business on a sidewalk and later establish that business as a company. Many such examples are scattered around us. There are certain rules for doing business that you must follow and one of them is to always conduct business with integrity, then you will get success very quickly.

Facilitation of doing business on sidewalks

There are many benefits to doing business on the sidewalk. You can start this business with very little capital and the probability of loss in these businesses is very low. Especially if you can start this business locally, your business will start expanding very quickly. The benefits of doing business on the sidewalk are:

  • You can start business with little bit-capital.
  • Chances of loss are very low.
  • You can manage your business according to your freedom.
  • No fixed office/shop shall be required for carrying on the business.
  • You can sell products on the sidewalk with a van if you want.
  • You can manage this business with little effort.
  • One does not need to acquire much knowledge to run this business.
  • No additional employees are required to operate a sidewalk business.
  • The added cost of running a sidewalk business is minimal.

Profitable Sidewalk Business

Currently profitable sidewalk business ideas are selling kids toys, selling tea and coffee or cold drinks, selling dry food and water, selling mobile accessories, selling clothes, selling cosmetics products, selling fruits, selling puffs and snacks. to do All these businesses have dominated the sidewalks in the context of the current year. You can start this business with little bit capital as you want.

You can start a sidewalk business anywhere with little manpower and little capital. Succeeding in sidewalk trading is very easy, you just need to follow some rules. Let’s first learn about the most profitable sidewalk businesses.

1. Selling children’s toys

Nowadays many people do this business. You can sell a van with lots of children’s toys standing on the sidewalk or walking down the sidewalk. Generally, you have to choose toys of medium price when selling toys on the sidewalk. And the toys must be interesting and fun. You can do this business on the sidewalk in front of the market or on the sidewalk in front of the kindergarten school, on the sidewalk in front of the park, in a word, in all the places where there is a lot of traffic of children. Generally starting a business of selling children’s toys on the sidewalk may require a capital of Rs 2-3 thousand.

2. Selling tea and coffee

For a long time, this business has become more and more popular on the sidewalks. You can sell tea and coffee on the pavements in markets, markets, in front of colleges, in front of office courts, i.e. in places where there is a lot of customersss. You can start this business by investing very little money at first. Selling tea and coffee on the sidewalk is an easy task. But you need to know how to make tea and coffee well. If you want, you can sell tea and coffee by walking or sitting at a certain place.

3. Selling cold drinks

Besides tea and coffee, you can also sell cold drinks. Or you can just sell cold drinks on the sidewalk. Target places for selling cold drinks are bus stand, office in front of court, college in front of university. Usually cold drinks are in high demand in all these places. You can start this business by investing 1000-1500 rupees first. If you have an idea about the business, chances of success in this business are high.

4. Selling dry food and water

There is a high demand for dry food and water on the pavement. In busy cities people get very thirsty on hot summer afternoons, you can sell dry food and water on the sidewalk if you want. To do this business first you need to invest 500-1000 rupees. You can do this business in front of bus stand and office court and on footpath in front of college university. Today when we go to all these places we will find many sidewalk shops selling dry food and water.

5. Selling mobile accessories

All new and old mobile phone accessories can be sold on the pavement. You can sell all mobile accessories such as: chargers, headphones, bluetooth, airbirds, small bluetooth boxes etc. without any kind of shop with a party or by driving a van.

The demand for these products is very high. You can start the business of selling mobile accessories on the sidewalk by investing 2-3 thousand rupees. The best place to do this business is where there is a high traffic of people aged 15-40. Before starting this business you must know about these accessories. And always give good things to customers, you can give discount as percentage (%) keeping small profit to increase sales.


6. Selling clothes

Nowadays selling clothes is a common business. You can sell medium priced clothes by sitting on the sidewalk. To do this business first you need to invest 5-10 thousand rupees. You can sell clothes by van or by sitting on the sidewalk.

For example, we sometimes see t-shirts, pants, lungis, clothes etc. being sold on the pavements for Tk 150-200. You too can buy these products at a low price by investing a little money and sell them on the sidewalk. The best time to trade clothes on the pavement is from 3 pm to 10 pm. Also you can continue this work in morning time. You will target local locations to sell clothes on the sidewalk.

7. Selling cosmetics products

The demand for cosmetics products is increasing day by day. One of the most unique sidewalk business ideas is the cosmetics business. To do this business first you need to invest 5-7 thousand taka and buy cosmetics goods from Chawkbazar. And later can sell them sitting on the sidewalk or with a van. The biggest addiction of girls is the addiction of buying cosmetics. No matter how many lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes, kajals, irises, etc., you have to buy new accessories.

So it is not unusual to see an increase in the demand for cosmetics products. If you want, you can set up a cosmetic product shop on the sidewalk in front of the women’s college, in front of the market, in front of the park. Or you can sell them by van. The best place to sell cosmetics accessories is on the sidewalk.

8. Selling fruits

We often see fruits being sold on the pavements in various places. Fruits that are commonly sold on the sidewalks are: Apples, Guavas, Malta, Oranges, Grapes, Jams, Gooseberries, Currants, Cabbage, Almonds, Pineapples, Coconuts, etc. All these fruits are sold in vans on the pavements. To sell fruits on the footpath, you have to invest 7-10 thousand rupees first and buy good fruits. The demand for fruits is throughout the year. Brother, if you want, you can permanently do fruit business on the sidewalk.

Also, you can sell almonds, beeda, coconut, guava in the park in front of the educational institution or on the sidewalk in front of the market.

9. Selling cheap and fast

One of the most popular sidewalk businesses is selling fuchka and chatpati. You can sit anywhere and sell fuska and chatapti on the pavement. Especially in front of the educational institution, in front of the market, in the park, at the corner of the street, on the bridge and all the places where people go to spend their free time.

In all those places, I can do the business of fuchka and chatapti in the van on the sidewalk. To start this business you have to invest 5-6 thousand rupees first. There is nothing much to discuss about the business of fuchka and chatapti. It is a common business on footpaths in Bangladesh. But to do this business you must be well developed and agile. The more fun the tricks and tricks you create, the faster your business will grow.

Ways to Succeed in the Sidewalk Business

There are a few things you need to know in order to succeed in a fast-paced sidewalk business.

  • Always conduct business in an honest manner and try to provide the best products to the customers.
  • Conduct business honestly.
  • Treat customers well.
  • Selling good products.
  • Keeping the sales area neat and clean.
  • Adopt a modern approach to grab the attention of buyers.
  • Representing yourself in a modern way.
  • To represent the products well among the buyers.
  • Using modern ideas for business expansion.
  • Allow enough time behind the business.
  • Running your own business without paying attention to any backlash.

For example: old street traders can cause trouble, police can be trouble if they don’t follow the rules of doing business on the sidewalk, they can fall into the clutches of brokers, street leaders can buy goods and leave without paying. A sidewalk business must be prepared to face the above issues and take appropriate action.

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