6 Best Profitable Business Ideas with Low Capital!

6 Best Profitable Business Ideas with Low Capital!

Profitable Business Ideas with Low Capital

Profitable businesses with low capital are tea shop in village, fuchka shop in front of school or college, raw material business, coffee shop making, duck and chicken business, online business, fish farming etc. Nowadays, young people are opting for entrepreneurship rather than running for jobs. If you want to be a young entrepreneur then this can be a right decision for you. Usually starting a business requires some capital first.

If you have very little capital, this article discusses in detail how you can start a business with this little capital.

6 Best Profitable Business Ideas with Low Capital

Tea business, fuchka business, coffee shop business, poultry farming, raw material business, fish farming, selling products online, all these businesses can be started with low capital. You can start these businesses anywhere in the city or village with little capital. Many may consider these jobs menial, but no job in the world is menial.

If you can establish any of these businesses, you can earn a lot more money than a middle paying job. These are among the profitable business ideas with little investment.

1. Tea shop business

You can set up a T-stall with a small space in the village or in the city. About 90 percent people of Bangladesh like to drink tea. Especially in places where there is a lot of traffic, you can benefit financially by setting up a tea shop in that place.

Setting up a tea shop requires very little capital. If possible set up a small shop or sell tea by hand and van/cycle if you want. The best places to sell tea are markets, parks, in front of colleges and universities, along the main roads of villages, in city streets, in short, wherever there is a lot of traffic.

Things you need to know about to make a profit from selling tea:

  • Choosing the right place.
  • A delicious tea making experience.
  • Good customer service attitude.
  • Maintain cleanliness.
  • Allow sufficient time on the tea shop/business premises.

2. Agile and agile business

Can do agile and profitable business like tea shop. You can build a smart and flashy shop anywhere in the city or village. But the best places to do this business are parks, in front of educational institutions, village markets.

Generally very popular with agile and plump girls. So you will choose a place to set up a shop where there is more traffic of girls. First you have to select which location will increase your sales if you set up shop. Usually they are light and agile and sell more in vans. The biggest advantage of selling by van is that you can easily change location. Things you need to know to profit from selling Fuchka and Chatapti:

  • Choosing the right place.
  • Special experience in manufacturing Fuchka and Agile.
  • Good customer service.
  • Maintain cleanliness and orderliness at all times.
  • All these businesses should always present themselves as modern/unique.


3. Coffee shop business

Generally the business of coffee shop is more in urban level. Village people prefer tea over coffee. So if you want, you can start a coffee shop business anywhere in the city. If you have little capital, you cannot build a shop.

In that case, you can sell coffee by van or by hand. The best places to do coffee shop business are market place, big office in front of court, in park, in front of college/university, in front of historical place and tourist center.

To become financially independent with a coffee shop business, you first need to select a suitable location, and start the business with a complete business plan. You can start coffee shop business with little capital. Things you need to know to profit from coffee shop business:

  • Choosing the right place.
  • Adopt cleanliness.
  • Treat customers well.
  • Adequate coffee brewing skills.
  • The coffee shop is beautifully decorated.


4. Poultry rearing

Poultry keeping is very easy for citizens living in villages. Poultry rearing business has become very popular nowadays. You can start poultry farming business with little capital if you want.

You can buy farm chickens or domestic chickens and raise them as a family at home and produce eggs or sell them for meat. No separate space is required for keeping poultry. You can run this business from your home. Things you need to know to profit from poultry business:

  • Learn about poultry farming.
  • Selection of poultry feed.
  • Understanding Poultry Diseases and taking appropriate measures.
  • Choosing the right place for raising Haas chickens.
  • Proper care of poultry.


5. Trading of raw materials

Raw material means curries, vegetables etc. You can buy the raw materials from the village at a low price and sell them in the city market. Also if you want you can produce raw material/ ready curry and sell it in the market. Business of raw materials is increasing day by day, you can earn good amount of money by cultivating raw materials with small capital or buying them at wholesale rates and selling them in city or village markets.

Apart from the city market, you can sell raw materials in alleys with vans. If you know about the raw material business idea, you can make a lot of profit by doing this business with little capital. Things you need to know to profit from trading raw materials:

  • Complete knowledge about cultivation of raw material vegetables.
  • Know about its diseases and take preventive measures.
  • Know about seasonal crops.
  • Collecting and selling fresh and nutritious vegetables/ raw materials in the market.
  • Good customer service and cleanliness.
  • Choosing the right place.
  • Taking proper measures to keep the vegetables fresh in the long run.
  • Knowing the needs of customers, and selling raw materials accordingly.

6. Fish farming

You can do this business anywhere in village or city. Fish farming requires a clean pond. But this business is mostly done in villages. Such a clean pond is not available in the city. You can buy small fish fry and raise them in the pond and sell them in the market. Nowadays many unemployed youths do this business. In general, for fish farming you need to know about fish food and disease prevention.

Things you need to know to profit from fish farming business:

  • Ponds are made for fish farming.
  • Know about fish food.
  • Knowing about fish diseases and taking preventive measures.
  • Proper care of fish.
  • Collection of good fish fry and removal of harmful insects and fish by liming the pond.

Rules of doing business online

If you want you can do profitable business online with less capital. If you have a special skill in making a product or can buy a few products at a low price, you can sell them online.

Building a store in the marketplace requires purchasing a lot of products, but online is the complete opposite. Here you can start a business by purchasing few products. You can run this business online from home with a mobile phone.

If you have little capital, you can buy these good mobile phones at low prices and do online business. You can sell your products to customers using social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. 

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