Best Effective 10 New Business Ideas!

Best Effective 10 New Business Ideas!

10 New Business Ideas

There is no alternative to profitable business to make yourself a successful entrepreneur. In today’s article we will discuss some profitable new business ideas. If you want to start a new business but don’t find the right business idea, then this article is very important for you. I will only share some of the current profitable business ideas, from here you will find a good business.

You can do these businesses as part time along with your studies or job. Or you can start businesses as your only source of income.

New business ideas

New business ideas include online agency business. This business can be based on any digital product or digital service. Especially graphics design, web and apps development, digital marketing etc. Also there are many other profitable businesses online and offline. Today’s article is curated by finding a few profitable business ideas from the thousands of business ideas in the current context. Let’s learn about new business ideas.

1. Online agency business

We have already learned about online agency business. You can start this business based on any digital product and digital service. In this age of information technology revolution, there is no alternative to digital services.

Nowadays, various companies and brands take digital services from various freelancers through online. If you have expertise in digital services or any sector of digital services, you can easily start an online agency business based on that sector. Digital services include digital marketing, online network marketing, graphics design, video editing, animation, content writing, web development, apps development, programming, social media management, etc.

You can start this business online by creating a Facebook page and a website. But to start an agency business online you need to be well versed in any one sector.

2. Selling courses online

In the revolution of information technology now we prefer to acquire knowledge on any subject at home. You can use this opportunity to sell courses online using your skills. Nowadays internet is used to solve all problems and learn new skills.

Any formal education or outsourcing any skill learning techniques can be recorded on mobile and sold online. You can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blog website, paid advertisement to sell them. Many people are earning millions of rupees every month by selling online courses these days. In addition to video recording classes, you can also take live classes online through Google Meet or Zoom.

3. Tourism business

Every year many tourists flock to the sightseeing places of Bangladesh. Among them there are many foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists. Most of whom have no prior travel experience. They have to take the help of various travel agencies. If you have an idea about travel then you can offer customized tour packages to these tourists. Which includes hotel booking, air ticket or train ticket, travel destination, food etc.

4. Construction of gym center

The importance of gym is immense for staying physically and mentally healthy. Currently about 80% of young women are interested in the gym. But due to lack of gym centers everywhere, this sector is lagging behind. You can create a gym center by choosing a beautiful place. Gym center business has huge profit potential. You have to invest a lot of money in this business including purchasing different types of machinery and salary of the gym master.

5. Development of mobile games

The internet revolution has made our entertainment more mobile-centric. We like to play games in free time. If you have enough capital you can develop a modern mobile games. There are very few companies in Bangladesh that develop mobile games. So your competition in this sector is very less. Also this market is very big, if you can make good mobile games it will definitely be popular.


6. Sweet business

Honey is a favorite food of all. Honey works as a great medicine for various diseases in our body. Nowadays honey business is a popular and profitable business. You can do this business offline as well as online through Facebook page or website.

To do honey business first you need to collect 100% original honey. These should be well packaged and delivered to the customers. You can collect honey directly from the Sundarbans by contacting those who harvest it.

7. Creation of gift shop

We need different types of gift items to give gifts to our relatives and loved ones. But since there are not enough gift shops in the city, it is in high demand. You can start a gift shop business if you have enough capital. You can collect all the great gifts with new designs and sell them in your shop. Gift products are more profitable than all other products. Apart from gifts, you can also do flower business in the same shop. You can know: About the rules of flower business.

8. Home made food business

Home made food is more in demand than store packed food. Health conscious people prefer homemade food. Because the food in the shop is adulterated and unhealthy in many cases.

If you can cook a certain recipe well, you can start a homemade food business at home. You can sell these foods online and offline. If the food you prepare tastes good, the demand for your business will gradually increase. Especially girls can start this business from home. Home made food includes various pickles or chutneys, pithapuli, fast food, cakes and biscuits etc.

9. Online e-commerce business

E-commerce business is not new, but you can start this business from scratch. For example, you can collect new products and sell them online in a new way. E-commerce business means selling something online. Currently 80% people prefer to buy products online from home. You can build an e-commerce business based on this demand. Marketing by posting pictures of various products through Facebook page or website.

Or you can also market your product through paid advertisement. Taking orders from customers online, deliver the products to their homes through courier services and delivery companies.

10. Creation of Freelancing Training Center

Unemployed youth are showing interest in freelancing as the job sector in Bangladesh has decreased a lot. If you have experience in any sector of freelancing, you can create a freelancing training center.

For this you need to buy a few computers first, then rent a shop and build a nice training center. If you can build a training center properly, you can earn enough money every month.

Profitable Business Ideas

Apart from the above mentioned business ideas there are many more profitable businesses nowadays. For example:

  • restaurant business.
  • Fashion house business.
  • Tea and coffee stalls.
  • Real estate business.
  • Fluent and agile business.
  • Trading in electronics goods.
  • Trading of mobiles and computers and various gadgets.
  • Electronics goods servicing business.
  • Handicraft business.
  • Catering service business.
  • Grocery store business.
  • Delivery service business.
  • Business of producing and selling vegetables.
  • Poultry and fish feed business.
  • Bee farming.
  • Nakshi Kantha and Jamdani saree business.
  • Export and import business.

last word

Dear readers, hopefully you have learned more about the new business idea. From above mentioned business ideas you can choose a best business idea according to your needs. Tell us which business idea you think is the best and which business you have decided to start by commenting.

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