Learn SEO and Build a Career in Freelancing!

Learn SEO and Build a Career in Freelancing!

Learn SEO and Build a Career

SEO is one of the most popular jobs as a relaunching career. The demand for skilled people in this market place is very high. Apart from the marketplace, you can use this skill to earn money by doing blogging, adsense, affiliation, e-commerce business.


What is SEO?

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That is, the process that is adopted to display a website first in the search is called SEO. Most of the people in today’s world search on Google to find the necessary information. Google then displays many site results on the results page. The result page displays which website name first and which website name second.

In this way, Google provides a list of hundreds of websites based on number. This is why the site that is being shown first is SEO optimized. When your website is at the top of search results, website visitors will naturally increase. And if visitors increase, your income will also increase. Suppose you are going to buy a camera, so you are looking for a camera store.

Then maybe you write in Google, Best camera shop in Dhaka. Then you enter the website name of the store that comes first in the search, then get a good idea about the camera from there and buy the camera from that store. The store’s website you find first is usually made possible by SEO.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engines are created to help people easily find the information they need. Search engine sites have created some technical type of programs to find out the best information when searching for something like keyword. These programs compare some aspects of websites and bring the best sites to the fore in search results. To select the best site, the search engines check whether the website is of quality, whether the information on the website is necessary for everyone, how popular the website is, etc.

Why is SEO useful?

  • 1. To promote any product of your company.
  • 2. If you are a business owner, to earn more profit in the business.
  • 3. To find jobs related to graphics or web design online.
  • 4. If you want to build a career in the market places very easily.
  • 5. To find guaranteed income for life.
  • 6. If you are interested in earning online despite having little computer knowledge.

The following a summary guide may be helpful, thought of as a complete guide for Learn SEO:

1. Popular SEO Terms and Tips: Think about what you’re hiding in the search box for the keywords you’re targeting to get your goals. The overall proposition of your website should match the search engine.

2. Website Optimization: It is important to increase the loading speed of the website sufficiently. It is important to set the mobile port and the correct location.
Search boxes or menus on your website should match the overall concept of the organization.

3. Content Management: It is important to provide quality, original and keyword-rich content. Content created for users should be welcoming and useful.

4. Content Marketing: You can market your content, achieve your goals by securing search engine rankings and Eberage trusted domains.

5. Smart Link Building: Build links towards important and reliable websites. Stay away from invalid links completely, as well as associate with trustworthy websites.

6. Analytics and Progress Monitoring: Helps monitor your website’s progress and performance to make automatic changes.

7. Education and interest to keep up with: SEO is a primary source of latest and necessary knowledge, so you will be able to gather rich knowledge. This index can help you get a head start on optimization, but SEO requires time and effort, which is a huge process to achieve. It requires a long-term policy and qualification, so you have to be patient to obtain full results.


Ways to Earn by learning SEO

1. Link building income: It is possible to earn 300-400 dollars per month online just by doing link building through blog commenting, forum posting etc.

2. Article Writing Income: SEO friendly article writers are in high demand in the marketplace. An article writer can earn an average of 200-1 thousand dollars per month.

3. Blogging Income: There are two ways to earn as a blogger. One is to earn income by writing as a guest blogger on others’ blogs or by creating your own blog site and blogging regularly from there. It is possible to earn about 500-1 thousand dollars per month in this method.

4. Income through Adsense: If you create your own blog site or any other site and bring visitors there, you can earn from Adsense or any other advertiser publications from that site.

5. Income through affiliation: You can open a website to sell their products with permission from any organization, and sell the product by doing SEO of this website. This is what we call affiliation in freelancing parlance. Earn as much as you like starting from 500 dollars per month by affiliate.

6. Income as an Online Marketer: Those who can do the job of promoting products online in the most effective manner are in high demand. Marketing work is usually available through various social media or YouTube. If you know this type of work, it is possible to earn an average of 300 to 1000 dollars a month online. If you have this qualification, there are many jobs in the local market.

7. Income through email marketing: Email marketing work is similar to the work of an online marketer. However, it is possible to build a high career on email marketing alone. An email marketer has a monthly income of $200-500 & demand is increasing everyday by day.

8. Income by doing web research: Many people are making good income just by doing web research. It is necessary to know this work well for the work of email marketing. The work is small, so the income is also small. It is possible to earn 50-300 dollars per month through this work.

9. Income as a Marketing Advisor: An SEO expert knows the work of competitor analysis very well. SEO experts should also know keyword research well. And since this work is known, various organizations have to turn to SEO experts for advice on marketing to promote their business. There are plenty of related jobs online. By doing this, it is possible to earn more than 100-1000 dollars a month.

10. Income as an SEO expert: If you know all the things about SEO and Search Engine Ranking factors well, you can also earn a lot as an SEO expert. A good quality SEO expert can earn a monthly income of $500-$5000 or more

All the points described above as ways to earn by learning SEO are related to SEO. That’s why if you can become a good SEO expert then you don’t have to worry about your future. If you want to become a good SEO expert, you should take good training in SEO and do more research about SEO.

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