Top 8 Profitable Farming Business Ideas!

Top 8 Profitable Farming Business Ideas!

About Profitable Farming Business

As the country’s soil is very fertile, it is easy to produce large quantities of agricultural products in this country. This article will discuss in detail some of the current profitable agribusiness ideas. The demand for agricultural products is very high in our country’s market and in the international market. Since the soil of our country is very fertile for agriculture, we can use this fertility to start agribusiness. This article will tell about some profitable agribusiness ideas of the present time. Let’s find out –

Some profitable agribusiness ideas

Some of the profitable agribusiness ideas are mushroom cultivation, sunflower cultivation, fruit production, milk and egg production, various tree seedlings and nurseries, fish farming, floriculture and flower business, beekeeping, etc. To do agribusiness you first need to decide on a business and know about that business and crop cultivation. Then you can easily succeed in this business in a very short time.

1. Mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms are a delicious and nutritious food. Currently, mushrooms are sold in many big hotels/restaurants, super shops and Chinese restaurants. Currently, the demand for mushroom food is very high. You can start mushroom cultivation with just 5 thousand rupees.

There are many advantages of mushroom farming like you don’t need any arable land to grow mushroom, you can grow mushroom in a small amount of land at home. And it takes 20 to 25 days for mushroom to mature. There is no risk in mushroom farming, if you don’t know about mushroom farming then you can learn about mushroom farming from various development institutes. Mushroom cultivation is one of the profitable agricultural businesses today.

2. Sunflower cultivation

Sunflowers grow very quickly, and with proper care can produce high yields. Oil is mainly produced from sunflower flowers. Due to the huge demand in the flower market, many people are interested in cultivating sunflower flowers. It takes 3 to 4 months to produce sunflower flowers. Generally sunflower cultivation is more during rainy season. There is a lot of demand for sunflower oil in the current market. Officially provides sunflower seeds from the Department of Agriculture.

3. Fruit production

In terms of Bangladesh, the demand for formalin-free fruits is very high. If you can market the fruits yourself in formalin free condition then you can earn a lot of money through this business. Separate arable fertile land will be required for growing fruits. Generally, in rural areas, you can cultivate mango, kathal, guava, malta, elderberry, grape, coconut, apple, strawberry, tomato, sabeda, litchi, olive, amlaki, tetul, orange, currant, papaya, banana etc. as seasonal fruits.

These fruits can be cultivated depending on the place. However, not all types of fruits are cultivated in the 64 districts of Bangladesh because the soil of each place is different. So you can grow any fruit according to the soil of your area.

4. Egg and milk production

Egg and milk production is a very profitable and profitable business, especially for those living in villages. Poultry can produce eggs at low cost and milk can be produced at low cost by raising cows and goats. In terms of Bangladesh, the demand for eggs and milk is very high.

You can buy and keep some poultry at low cost for egg production. If you want to start a chicken or duck farm on a small scale, it will cost a minimum of 5 to 10 thousand rupees. Poultry keeping must take care of poultry housing, food and diseases.

But you have to invest more money to raise cows and goats. You have to start this business with more time in cow and goat rearing and you can earn a lot of money by selling cow and goat kids in addition to milk production in this business.


5. Nursery

Here the nursery business means the production of seedlings, for agricultural work farmers purchase different types of agricultural products or fruit tree seedlings from the market. If you have idea about nursery or seedling production then you can do this business. To start a nursery business you must have an understanding of tree production. You can start this business in small space anywhere in village or city. Apart from fruit trees, you can also produce seedlings of flowering plants. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for flowers as well as fruits.

6. Fish farming

We all are more or less familiar with the fish farming business. This business idea will be very beneficial for those who live in villages. Because there are many ponds in the village where you can buy small fish and rear them. If ponds are not available for those who live in cities, fish farming can be done by biofloc method. The biofloc method refers to the cultivation of fish in large water tanks. At present, biofloc system has played an important role in the fishery industry in Bangladesh.

Through biofloc it is possible to produce more fish in less space. However, to cultivate fish through biofloc, one must pay more attention to the fish. Currently, the demand for fish has spread far beyond the country. So if your business capital is high then you can do biofloc fish farming.

7. Cultivation of flowers

Flowers are almost always in demand throughout the year. Flowers are needed especially for celebrating birthdays, weddings, various political and social events, pujas, special days, wedding anniversaries etc. Also many people buy natural flowers to beautify the house. So if you want, you can grow flowers directly, many types of flowers are grown in Bangladesh, one of them is rose flower, jaba flower, rosy gandha, gadha, chrysanthemum, champa, dolanchampa, palash etc.

Nowadays the demand for flowers has increased a lot in small towns as well as big cities. So if you have an idea about flower farming and have sufficient capital then you can start this business.

8. Bee farming

For Bee Farming’s  main purpose of beekeeping is to produce honey. Honey is used for various purposes, especially in the preparation of medicine, honey is in high demand. Also many people use honey with food, with milk, in medical and Ayurvedic treatment. The greatest advantage of beekeeping is that no separate space is required for beekeeping. You can cultivate bees on the roof of your house or in the yard. For bee farming, you first need to plant some flowers and fruit trees in your yard from where the bees will collect honey.

Beekeeping requires collecting some good broods first. And the complete method of farming can be started by training from any trainer or you can watch many videos on YouTube about bee farming.

Ways to succeed in business

Dear Readers Above are some of the popular profitable agribusiness ideas of the present time. If you want to succeed in these businesses, you must first determine the type of business. And start the business after gaining complete knowledge about the business.

To do business, you must first decide where you want to do business, and depending on your business capital, you need to arrange business equipment. And you have to devote enough time to the business, and work hard. If you can manage the business honestly then there is a possibility of quick success. 

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