Real Estate Business – How to start

Real Estate Business - How to start

Real Estate Business

What is real estate business? Real estate business is the sale of goods necessary for human life such as land, offices, houses, furniture, flats etc. A familiar name to traders is real estate. Currently, the demand of real estate industry in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. People are moving towards cities and need houses to live in.

Compared to pre-2000, the volume of real estate business has increased by 75%. If you want to start a real estate company business then this may be the right time for you. This article will discuss in detail what real estate business is and how to start a real estate business. This article is very important for you to know about real estate business.

What is real estate business?

A developer company to meet people’s daily life needs and make themselves financially self-sufficient. Business is buying and selling houses, shops, office courts, multiplex market, etc. is called real estate business. You as a company or any of your companies buy and sell human habitation equipment. Real Estate plays an important role in meeting people’s daily needs.

Not only the daily needs of people, building any office court, building market and multiplex, building roads and structures, Real Estate is one of the goals of business. In a word, real estate business means buying and selling land. Real estate business includes renting flats or houses, and building and selling. By doing all these things you can become financially independent.

Generally real estate are two separate words. The word real means real or visible, while the word estate means wealth or land. By real estate is meant visible land property.

How to start a real estate business

To start a real estate business you need to raise capital first and start this business with a complete plan. Before starting a real estate business, you need to have a plan beforehand, otherwise the chances of success in your business are very low. This business is different  and unique from all other businesses like as people do. The first few steps to start a Real Estate Business are:

1. Raising capital

Real Estate business requires a large amount of capital investment. So before starting this business a permanent financing facility should be arranged. As a result, you will not have to face any kind of financial problems suddenly. If you invest a lot of money in this business without prior planning, chances of profit in the business will be very low. My advice would be to grow the business slowly.

2. Plan ahead

It is better to plan thoroughly before starting any work. If you do something suddenly there is no chance of successful completion. That’s why first you need to research about this business and then start the business. Just as people can make quick profits in business, they can also face losses very quickly if not properly planned. So I would suggest to make a prior plan before starting real estate business.

3. Acquire economic knowledge

Acquiring financial knowledge is very important in business. If you don’t know about the financial potential, the chances of success in real estate business are very low.

Think you will start working on a project. Now to figure out how much money it will cost you in total to complete this project, and how much money you will earn from this project. If you do not have the knowledge of acquiring financial knowledge then you cannot calculate the profit and loss of any project before taking it, as a result of which the project is more likely to be a loss.

4. Setting up office for business

To do this business first you need to set an office and do marketing of your industry/development company. Setting up an office allows customers to contact you quickly. And by setting up an office, you can quickly become trusted among customers. A fixed location/office plays a very important role in any business.

5. Registering for business

Before starting a real estate business you must be legally recognized as a real estate developer. Documents required to conduct business as per law must be collected.

  • Trade license
  • TIN Certificate
  • Certificate of qualification of technical persons
  • Membership of REHAB or Land Developers Association.
  • Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation (if a company)

Since real estate business deals with land, you may face various legal complications. So you need to be aware of the law and collect necessary licenses, documents before starting this business.


6. Marketing the brand properly

The most important step after successfully launching a real estate company is marketing your brand properly. Through marketing you can bring new customers. And in terms of marketing, your company needs to be known as a brand. For this, your company must have official social activity and have a website of their own. The better you can market the brand, the more customers you can bring.

7. Ability to impress customers

This is an important aspect of any business. If you can impress a customer by talking to them, your company will grow quickly. Always treat customers well and explain your work properly to them. When a client asks you for any real estate type of work, you must explain it to him properly. Having the ability to impress customers is essential in the real estate business.

The future of real estate business

Before starting any work, it is necessary to have an idea about its future. This is very important in real estate business. If you want to start a real estate business how successful this industry can be after 5 years. And you should get a full idea of how the real estate industry in Bangladesh will look like in the future. Generally speaking in the case of Bangladesh, the demand of real estate industries is increasing day by day.

The real estate business is progressing due to the increase in population as well as the improvement in the standard of living of the people. By watching your own video, you can gain a unique insight into the real estate business.

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