Learn Web Design – Build Your Career!

Learn Web Design - Build Your Career!

Web Design


Web design is creating the external infrastructure for a website. That is, determining what the website will look like or how it will look in general. The main job of a web designer is to create a complete website template, such as how it will be laid out, where the menu will be in the header, whether there will be a sidebar and how to display the images, etc.

There will be no app in web design. Such as login system, file uploading and saving in database, image manipulation, if there are ads on the site then changing the ad every time the page is loaded, these are applications or web applications. These have to be made with programming language. Creating a web site without any kind of application is web design, such a design can be called static design. This concept is commonly used for web-site design.

Why learn web design?

In our country, people don’t ask questions like ‘what job will I learn’ or ‘what job can I do’, instead they ask ‘how to earn easily’ or ‘how much money will I earn by learning this’. Web design is not for those who think how much to earn or how to earn overnight. Although web designing is actually one of the high paying careers but if you want to progress with income in mind then I would say web designing is not for you.

Web design, graphic design or programming are careers for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their work. As web design is full of coding and programming and programming is not possible without programming addiction, so this kind of job is only for those who are interested in this job. But the reality is that after learning you can earn better than any other profession here.

Who is suitable for:

Those who love to browse the website and you are interested in knowing how the website is made. Then there is no any doubt that you can do well in this sector.

How to learn:

You can learn web design in several ways. But the two most known means are the first is through training and the second is by watching tutorials. You can easily master one thing through three things 1. Hearing by ear 2. Seeing with the eyes 3. By working. Through these 3 things you can easily master anything within yourself. Actually web design is not that difficult. If you think difficult then it will be difficult for you and if you think easy then easy. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a hard right or an easy right. Your attitude should be like I have to learn, then only you can learn and be successful.

What to learn?

Web design is done using several types of languages and scripts depending on different perspectives and it is first determined by using Photoshop in the beginning. The most widely used of them are discussed below –

HTML: HTML is a markup language. Browsers define what a site’s viewer can see in HTML. It is not a programming language but much simpler than any programming. It’s so easy that any common man who doesn’t want to learn programming can learn HTML with a smile. For example if we want to display a paragraph then we have to write like this.

<p>This is a paragraph</p>
That is, ‘This is a paragraph’ this text will be displayed as a paragraph in Tuco browser.

CSS: It is also a markup language. This determines how browser JE content will be displayed as HTML. That is, how big the font of the text will be. How much space will be free on the side? What will be the distance from one text to another, what will be its color, what will be the background, even animation can be added to the content with the latest CSS3. For example: Earlier we wrote an HTML paragraph. Now we can change the color of the text of that paragraph to red with the following code.

p {color: red;}

JavaScript/jQuery: These two are basically considered to be somewhat close to programming languages. Basically, the work of two things is the same, but jQuery is a form of JavaScript that greatly simplifies the use of JavaScript on the site. And their job is to make the site interactive. That is, if the visitor clicks on a button, the menu will open. Or submitting a form will show a confirmation message etc.

Basically, to start working, you need to acquire proficiency in these few languages and the ability to use them in real work. But experience in such work is an ongoing process. You have to learn more and more new things to make yourself a more professional and competent web designer.


Why learn:

Web designers are in high demand in the internet-based freelancing marketplace. Basically web design is creating the external appearance for a website. The main job of a web designer is to create a template for a site or specify how the site will look, design. Web designers usually design static websites. They also have to do the design part of dynamic websites.

Today freelance marketplaces range from $200 to $2,000 per site for creative website design. Although there are many students interested in website design in our country, there are no required number and quality training institutes.

There is no end to online jobs. Rather, there is a shortage of website designers. In this case, the possibilities of Bangladeshi work are endless. But unfortunately, even if we want to, we cannot learn from any good institution. Although there are a handful of quality institutions, they are Dhaka-based. So no one in Mofswal gets these opportunities.

But those who want to build a career with website designing can collect their training material from the internet. There are hundreds of websites on the internet, where you can learn graphic website design. There are also videos. Again, various CDs with website designing learning packages are available online. But they have to be bought with money, since in our country it is not possible for everyone to buy and watch these videos through credit cards, so you can collect them through torrent sites if you want.

Becoming a website designer requires learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop and Illustrator. And for a little better performance, it is necessary to acquire skills in some other programs including PHP Basic. And while working on these subjects, there is an opportunity to learn a lot and improve skills.

Where do you work?

There are thousands of web design and front-end web development jobs available on freelance marketplaces (upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com, guru.com) and the competition for such jobs is relatively low but the demand is high. So you will get work easily and the price of such work is also high. A typical freelancer has an hourly rate of $2, but a web designer starts at $10 or $12 an hour.

But many people think that if you learn web design or development, you have to do freelance work and if not, the income is stopped, for them, I say themeforest.net and there are many such markets where web templates and web elements can be sold at very good prices. In this case, you can sell your designed template many times and if the quality is good, you can live like a king with the income of each template every month.

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